Monday, December 10, 2007

Artist Statement

A few years ago during an experimental photography class I fell in love with a way of making digital photograms using a scanner, called scanograms. I started with some inanimate objects, a plastic phone, some shoes, a koosh ball and loved the extreme shallow depth of field along with the incredible color and detail offered by the digital scanner.

The following year inspired by early scientific photograms and botanical prints I tried produce. Working with organic objects I get to take advantage of the incredible shapes, textures, and colors in things around us. I’m interested in the process of life. Things ripen, decay, dry out. I’m fascinated by the materials. Every time I come back to the materials, they are changed. In order to make use of the scanner I often deconstruct the materials. I peel, crush, and hold them down. In the process, details get revealed or withheld according to their place against the glass scanning bed. I leave the smudges caused by pollen, juice, and peel on the images because they are part of the organic nature of the materials, the way each section of orange contains pithy white veins along with the beautiful cells full of juice.


Blood Orange


Empty Peel

Faded Flowers

Fruit and Eggs



Orange Peel I

Orange Juice

Orange Peel II

Orange, Petal, Seed I

Orange, Petal, Seed II


Vegetables I

Portfolio List of Images

1. Bananarama, Digital Media, 11.5” x 14”

2. Blood Orange, Scanogram, 23” x 35.5”

3. Dandelions, Scanogram, 15” x 19.5”

4. Empty Peel, Scanogram, 9” x 11.7”

5. Faded Flowers, Scanogram, 5.5” x 5.3”

6. Fruit and Eggs, Scanogram, 7” x 8.5”

7. Layers, Digital Media, 17” x 22”

8. Nectarines, Scanogram, 11.5” x 15”

9. Orange Peel I, Scanogram, 17” x 22”

10. Orange Juice, Scanogram, 11” x 17”

11. Orange Peel II, Scanogram, 11” x17”

12. Orange, Petal, Seed I, Scanogram
13” x 19”

13. Orange, Petal, Seed II, Scanogram
13” x 16”

14. Pinestraw, Scanogram, 8.5” x 11”

15. Vegetables I, Scanogram, 11” x 13”


Rose Bordett 1200 Meadowbrook Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13224
(315) 243 5227

Currently finishing (expected graduation May 2008), BFA, Studio Art with concentrations in Photography and Printmaking, minor in Economics.

Digital and Film
Lighting ratios
Photoshop, InDesign

Recent Group Exhibitions:

Ready! Fine art exhibition, Bank Building, Oswego, NY
November ‘07

40below semi-annual art show, The White Warehouse, Syracuse, NY; June ‘07

Between the Sheets: Book Arts ’07, Cherrywood Gallery, Oswego, NY; April ‘07

Experimental Photography, Penfield Library, SUNY Oswego, Spring ’07.

Recent Juried exhibitions:
2007 New York State Fair fine arts exhibit, Honorable mention, “Monday Morning”. Syracuse, NY
August ‘07

2007 Student Juried exhibition, Tyler Art gallery, SUNY Oswego. Spring

Writing: Review of 2007 Faculty Art Show at SUNY Oswego, published in the Palladium Times